Manang is the top trekking and touring destination among travelers visiting Nepal and among internal travelers as well. Manang town is a beautiful town on the way to Annapurna Circuit trek and Tilicho Trek. It is a home for many Tibetan Buddhist families of the different ethnic groups like Tamang, Gurung, and Magar, where you can explore many Buddhist prayer flags, chortens, gompa, stone walls, mani walls, and monasteries. People who live in Manang are called Manangis, and they have their language called Manangi. The Manangi language is going to be extinct because this language speaker is declining. 

Manang town is a home for colorful houses, the Northern part is with old-designed mud houses, and the southern part is with newly designed sand-made houses. You can find many hotels, cyber cafes, shops, and internet connections. People are so kind and humble that they give the visitors warm greetings and hospitality. The splendid views of Mannag valley include the massive scenery to the desert and surrounding mountains views look magical. 

When you are here in Manang for a night stay and for acclimatization during your Annapurna trek, there are a lot of things to do in Manang to discover its magic more closely. It offers a lot of side trip options. They are:  

A Short hike to Praken Gompa

A short hike to Prkaen Gompa, which lies at an elevation of 3945 meters near Manang Valley, is full of adventure and unforgettable memories. This place rewards you with the breathtaking views of villages in Manang valley. In clear weather, it rewards you with the majestic views of Annapurna II, Tarke Kang, and Gangapurna. You can extend your hike to explore Karki Gompa and Bocho Gompa. 

Visiting a small village Khangsar in Manang

Khangsar is a small village in Manang, containing traditional stone buildings where people following ancient traditions live. The short walk to Khangsar village is worth exploring the Himali culture and customs. It takes around 2 hours to walk to Khangsar from Manang. The trail to Khangar is picturesque and offers beautiful views of landscapes. 

Explore the Ice Lake in Manang

Ice Lake in Manang is situated at an elevation of 4620 m above sea level, is close to Manang town. The walk through the trail is challenging because of the cold win and non-technical climb. The from Manang to Ice Lake takes you to the Ice lake offers you superb views. You can play with the frozen lake in winter and at the beginning of spring. The lake areas reward you with worth watching views of its surroundings. 

Exploring the beautiful Braga Gompa in smaller Braga settlement

Braga is a small village in Manang. Braga Gompa is an unmissable part that is just 3km away from this village. The walk to Braga Gompa takes you through the flat path and offers you beautiful views. The building is one of the most important religious buildings and the biggest gompa in this region. The 600 years old Braga Gompa has had a wonderful collection of paintings and statues, though the exterior does not seem spectacular. 

Braga Gompa opens from 8 AM to 11 AM and from 2 PM to 5 PM, and the entrance fee is 100NPR. 

Hike to the Milarepa Cave 

The trip to Milarepa cave is worth rejuvenating yourself in the warmness of nature during acclimatization in Manang. The Milarepa Cave is a beautiful spot in the Himalayas visited by Nepali and Tibetan pilgrims and other visitors. The Cave’s name is after the famous Tibetan Poet: Milarepa, who used to meditate here. On the way to Milarepa cave, you will get to see the giant statue of Milarepa, which was bought in by a helicopter in 2004. The highest point of the Milarepa Cave trail is 4320m which rewards you with the breathtaking views of surrounding sky-touching snow-capped mountains and glaciers. The Hike to the Cave and back to Manang town will take you around 4-8 hours. 

Exploring the pristine Gangapurna Lake 

Gangapurna lake is very close to Manang, which takes around an hour to walk. The lake is attractively blue because of the sedimentation of water from Gangapurna Glacier. It says beautiful views come only after a hard walk, the walk from Manang to this stunning Gangapurna Lake and surrounding views prove it.  

Visit Manang Cultural Museum 

Manang Cultural Museum tells you more about the traditional local life of the Manang, which reflects more about how hard the way of life was in the past in the high altitude zone of Nepal like Manang. The entrance fee costs 100 NPS and is open all around the year, except in the mid-winter months (Jan and Feb).  

Free Consultation with Himalayan Rescue Association

You can get to consult with the Himalayan Rescue Association in Manang, mainly in Autumn and Spring. You will get to know more about the things to see near Manang, and other connected treks, prevention, and caring in altitude sickness. They help to guide you on how to be careful in harsh weather and climate situations for free. You can feel free to consult with them. 

Watch a movie on Cinema

Manang has a lot to offer, like big cities in Nepal. You can watch movies in Cinema Hall, but not new movies. The cinema program is repetitive and more about wanderlust. The movies related to the famous book Annapurna and Into the Air about the disastrous Everest Conquest are more repetitive. 

Eat Fresh Pastries 


Well, Manang lies far from urban areas like Kathmandu, Pokhara, at an altitude of more than 3000m, but as with the restaurants and cafes, where you can enjoy fresh and delicious pastries, coffee, ice cream.

Visit the enchanting village: Manang in the foothills of the Northern part of the Annapurna Himalayas and get rid of all the hustle and bustle of city life. Manang is a beautiful traditional village, which is the perfect place to acclimatize and explore its natural and cultural beauty that will be unforgettable moments of your life.