The Company will no longer support Internet Explorer and Legacy Edge from 2021

An era of over 2 decades has come to an end when Microsoft has finally decided to stop supporting Internet Explorer 11 and Legacy Edge. Microsoft 365 apps and services support for the browsers will also end on 17 August 2021. This means Internet Explorer will not be supported for Office 365, Outlook, OneDrive, and other web apps.

The Internet Explorer 11 support with Microsoft Teams app will end from November 30th later this year. Along with Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft support for non-chromium Legacy Edge will end on 9th March 2021. The company will replace IE11 and Legacy Edge with Microsoft Edge created from Chromium open-source software used in Google Chrome. After the end of support, the browsers will no longer receive updates and security patches. Microsoft will now operate under a single browser, The Edge.

In a nutshell, Internet Explorer was a 25-year-old browser and we all have used it. We bid you farewell Internet Explorer!