This year summerslam is scheduled to take place in August 23 but the location is yet to be anouneced by the WWE team. This will be the thirty third installment of the show. The show will be without any audience but still the match card is strong enough to make it a “Grade A” show.

Here are the “WWE Summerslam 2020 Match Prediction, Result, and Analysis”

Match 1: Andrade & Angel Graza (w/Zelina Vega) Vs The Street Profits

              WWE has officially added this match for the card of Summerslam. The team of Graza & Andrade defeated the team of Viking Raiders and Ricochet & Cedric Alexander on the live episodes of RAW, July 17.

              This is one of the most underrated cards in this year of Summerslam. Even though the match itself is low key it will be very much entertaining and fast-paced.

Match winner Prediction:

The team of STREET PROFITS will take the win. I think that this will be the point where the duo of Andrade and Graza will split up.

Match 2: Seth Rollins Vs Dominik

              This match will be the best in terms of story-telling. We have seen very little of Dominik on his ability to wrestle in the ring. The only thing we have seen till now is the 619 he hit against Brock Lesner at Survivor Series.

              Summerslam can be a perfect platform if WWE wants to brand Dominik as a next-generation superstar. However, if Dominik is not able to get in the ring with Seth Rollins, the card is subjected to change to Seth Rollins Vs Aleister Black.

Match Winner Prediction:

              Dominik will give a good fight against Seth Rollins but eventually, Seth Rollins will be the winner. There may be chances of involvement of allies of both sides during the match.

Match3: Mustafa Ali Vs MVP (United States Championship)

              Since the return of MVP, we have seen that he has become quite sloppy in the matches. The opponent Mustafa Ali is no doubt the best opponent for MVP. I think the match will start up very fast. As the match builds up MVP will wear off Mustafa Ali from the support of his alliance.

              I think there will be much involvement from their respective alliances in this match too. There might be some of the actions for 24/7 titles too.

Match Winner Prediction:

              I think this is time for Mustafa Ali to rise shine. This might be the time WWE give the push to Ali that he deserved.

Match 4: AJ Styles vs Big E (Intercontinental Championship)

              All of the members of the New Day currently sidelined due to injury gives WWE time to finally push Big E. We know that Big E is one of the great talents in terms of in-ring ability. He was yet to get the singles to push in WWE.

              The match between these two superstars can become the best among all the cards. AJ Styles is no doubt the most phenomenal superstar currently in WWE. In the upcoming shows of SmackDown, there may be some stories involved between these superstars.

Match Winner Prediction:

              I have to go with AJ Styles on this match. There are no second thoughts on Big E’s ability in the ring but WWE will not allow AJ Styles to drop the title so soon.

Match 5: Sasha Banks vs Asuka (RAW Women’s Championship)

              There was a controversial ending between both matches between them in the past few weeks. Although Sasha won both times; the win was never clean.

              This time the match will be much more hard-hitting and fast-paced than the previous two encounters. These two women are capable of tearing the house in the match. Bayley will interfere in this match. I think even if Bayley interferes there will be a clear winner in this match.

Match Winner Prediction:

              I think Asuka will win this match via submission. I think Bayley’s interference will be the reason that will cost Sasha her Title. This can be the beginning of the tension between the two friends.

Match 6: The Fiend vs Braun Strowman (WWE Universal Championship)

              The Swamp Fight between The Fiend and Braun Strowman ended in quite bizarre fashion. Although the Fiend stood up on top, there is no chance that this fiend will stop just there. Braun defeated Bray Wyatt (not The Fiend) in Money in the Bank. So, this might be a chance of concluding the feud with this final match.

              This will not be technically a great match but there might be some dramas about their previous alliance. However, the feud will be quite interesting to watch in the episodes of upcoming episodes of SmackDown.

Match Winner Prediction:

            The character of Fiend is one of the hot things going on in WWE right now. The company will not allow Fiend to cool down. Thus, Fiend will get the upper hand and beat Braun Strowman in this match. It is unlikely for The Fiend to lose the title until Roman Reigns returns.

Match 7: Drew Mclntyre vs Randy Orton (WWE Championship)

              In the latest episode of RAW, WWE confirmed their face-off at Summerslam. This match will be as intense as we know how good these guys have been over the past months.

              Drew Mclntyre is a top babyface in the company and Randy Orton is the top Heel. Orton has gained a serious run after he defeated Edge, Christian, and Big Show. We can finally see Randy Orton with the voices around his mind.

              Drew has also become a top babyface after beating Brock Lesner in the WrestleMania 36 main event. He had some great opponents like Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler after WrestleMania. This will be his first title defense were picking the winner is very much difficult.

Match Winner Prediction:

              This will be the most difficult match to determine the winner. I think that the outcome of this match will be Drew Mclntyre winning the match with a claymore. There is a little chance of interference from the likes of Edge or Big Show.

These are the Match Predictions and Results for the Summerslam 2020. I think that the card is pretty solid even though there is no chance for the audience to be inside the stadium.