Are you fond of YouTube? Or may I ask, do you love watching YouTube videos all day long? I often stagger upon music videos that I can’t get out of my head & would like to play again and again. I am sure you must have a playlist too. It is frustrating to hit the play button every single time to repeat the video. Wouldn’t it be nice to somehow make the playlist loop again infinitely after the last video ends? It’s possible.

Loop Playlist from YouTube

To loop the Playlist you must be the registered user on YouTube.

  • Login to YouTube & Open the playlist you would like to repeat
  • Click on any video to play
  • While the video is playing you will see the 2 icons at the top on the right-hand side of the video. The first one says loop playlist and second on says shuffle
  • Click on “Shuffle” to shuffle the playlist & Click on “Loop Playlist” to loop the videos on the list over and over again.
youtube playlist

Create & Loop YouTube Playlist with ListenOnRepeat

Founded in 2012, ListenOnRepeat, also known as LOR is an independent YouTube loop fan community. Ever since its establishment it has been recognized as the best YouTube repeater that lets you create your own free playlists, provides weekly reviews of mainstream, Customizable start and stop times, Top 10 repeats, and much more.

You don’t need to be registered user to loop a playlist on ListenOnRepeat but its recommended you do sign up so you don’t lose your playlists and hearted videos.

  • Visit
  • Click on New Playlist on the left-hand bar & name the playlist
  • Play any video & Click on the “Add to Playlist” button at the bottom of the video
  • Add All Your favorite videos to the playlist and play

ListenOnRepeat automatically loops all your videos on loop. You can play YouTube playlist with ListenOnRepeat from both Desktop Computers and Mobiles. It also provides a chrome extension with which you can directly visit the website from YouTube and play your video on repeat by clicking on the extension.

Benefits of ListenOnRepeat (LOR)

While YouTube itself gives the functionality of looping playlists, ListenOnRepeat provides additional functionality.

1. Customizable start and stop times

Customizable start and stop times are what most of the people use ListenOnRepeat for. You can adjust the loop section of the video as desired. You don’t have to play the whole video over again or keep on clicking to loop and enjoy a certain part of the video. Just adjust the start and stop times and video will keep on repeating at that specific time.

listenonrepeat looper

2. Global Repeats & Your Repeats

ListenOnRepeat provides data on how many times a video has been repeated globally and how many times you have repeated that video. You can also look for the top ten most repeated videos from their blog.

listenonrepeat global repeat counts

3. Heart & Share Your favorite videos

Just like YouTube’s like button, ListenOnRepeat has a heart button. You can heart your favorite videos and share it to social platforms like Facebook & Twitter.

listenonrepeat share and heart