He was taken down from the creative director role in June but was only fired this week

Ashraf Ismail was accused of lying about his marital status and engaging in a sexual relationship with a fan. He was taken down from his role in June following up on the investigation and was fired permanently or temporarily fired this week. Video Streamer Matronedea went public with her relationship with him on Twitter and explained she had been with him for over a year now when she found out he was married.

Here is the tweet:

The investigation with Ismail’s case started right away when Matronedea a.k.a Dani Porter Bridges came forward with her relationship with him. In an email received by Kotaku, Ubisoft told their staff that his contract has been terminated. More information is yet to be followed up.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has announced an organized shift and told about the failure of human resources to analyze abuse and inappropriate behavior at the workplace. He also said he has been betrayed by the trust he placed in them.