Man! I must give credit to the team of “No Man’s Sky”. They have turned this gave far more beyond what was first announced. If I were to go back in time and show this trailer to myself, I am sure I wouldn’t believe it was No Man’s Sky. The game was first released on August 9; 2016 and over the years the game has evolved so amazingly with so many new features, improved gameplay and graphics.

Several updates have already arrived for the game and the latest one is “The Desolation Update”. In this update, the abandoned freighters explore the Sky with a different style of gameplay. Now players can either alone or in groups breach the ship, solve puzzles, find the way, or proceed to the story.

This update also introduces new improvements and balance changes for a better combat experience. New CGI effects, weapon changes and balance are likely to provide a far better experience than before.

If you have the previous release of the game, you can read about its full patch here.

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