The current COVID-19 outbreak has made people think that, Is Dropshipping Dead? The answer for this question is a downright NO. It is obvious that the shipping is difficult during this time of the year but still the suppliers are using different methods to fulfill the orders. So, as we know that the dropshipping business is still thriving during this pandemic too. Let us present you with the ” 5 Winning Dropshipping Products For Summer “.


dropshipping products for summer

1. Gigantic Unicorn

The first product we go through is the giant unicorn. As you can see the Ali-express link down below. It has a total of 83 orders till now and has 5 star ratings from 10 reviews. As the summer is on, family with kids come around and play in the pools and gardens. What the product actually does is it lets the water rain from its horn. It is a super entertaining product for the kids. It is a super unsaturated product. It has only about 200-250 orders from all the suppliers. Thus, it is basically a go to product.

Product Cost:  $36.99

Selling Price:   $89.99

Profit Margin:  $53


2. Cycling Indicator Vest

This is the vest that cyclers will use while going cycling. This is a life saver tool that will help reduce the number of accidents occuring to the cyclist due to lack of indicators of direction they want to go. There are many people that do not want to use their hands to show the directions. 

Nowadays, alot of people are shifting from driving to cycling as they are more healt conscious about their health. So, there is a great chance that this may be a award winning product

Product Cost:  $19.67

Selling Price:   $42.99

Profit Margin:  $31.32


3. Anti-Mosquito Pop-Up Mesh Tent

This is basically a mesh mosquito safety net. It is a product where you go inside it and make sure that you do not get bit by the mosquito while in home or when you go camping in the woods. This tent can be attached to your bed too. As we go on to look at the Ali-express link below we can see that it has total of 349 orders. So, it is an unsaturated product with total of 36 reviews with a total of 4.6 ratings. The product is so universal such that the scalability will be very much easy.

Product Cost:  $23.18

Selling Price:   $59.99

Profit Margin:  $36.81


4. Leaf Skimmer Net Vacuum

The product is basically a vacuum cleaner used for the swimming pool. As, the summer is here people have started using their swimming pool. As we all know how hard it becomes to clean the pool so this vacuum cleaner can be of a great use. This is a great winning dropshipping product for the summer even though the target audience is hard to manage. The product is quite unsaturated in the market right now so it will be great for dropshipping in the summer.

Product Cost:  $26.22

Selling Price:   $64.99

Profit Margin:  $38.77

Link: https:/

5. Portable Foldable Washing Machine

This is a very small portable washing machine that cleans your clothes and also keeps them bacteria free. It comes in 3 colours Pink, Blue and Turquoise. The pink can be used for girls and likewise blue for boys. This is primary designs for those people who have children.

Thus, the product can be very much scalable in the current market. This is a new product in the aliexpress so you can even white label it and make your own brand out of it. Due to the great audience base the product is very much easy to target. So, it can be a great product for the summer to dropship.

Product Cost:  $94.50

Selling Price:   $164.99

Profit Margin:  $70.49